About RapidMatter

In our world of information technology, it is widely accepted that software is able to safely make decisions on behalf of humans. We have created and grown algorithms that enable automation of certain functions which frees up people to perform true engineering of advanced solutions. People have accepted that the, repeatable steps can and should be done by a system.

Nuances of human engineering in architectural solutions are necessary, because we need to build towards specific requirements and constraints. At the same time, this raises the question: Why do we accept that a human has to touch every step of the architecture design?

At RapidMatter we create platforms which enable IT architects, product vendors, customers, newcomers to IT, and more. By creating a unified system to bring your requirements from every part of IT together, we ensure that the results answer the questions and challenges being presented using a common framework.

This begins with MentorConnection which, through the power of AI, rapidly matches community members with mentors specializing in their discipline. MentorConnection is designed to speed the process of getting you connected to the people who will accelerate your development. In other words, we have removed the friction to getting you to the results you desire.

RapidMatter does not displace human value; it finds value and enhances it. We build platforms that lets the ultimate combination of an intelligent system and the nuance of human interaction drive solutions for systems architecture, community development, and more.

Through constantly Improving artificial intelligence, RapidMatter is harnessing human intelligence and creating the most effective and resilient designs and innovating how people learn and create.

We are turning grey matter into RapidMatter.