RapidMatter as a team, and as a community, are founded and operated on core principles.

Do good for the community
Seek the right answer, not to be right
Be an owner
Make difficult decisions
Disagree and move forward
Privacy is a Human Right
Radical transparency and radical candor, with empathy
Lead by example
Options, not excuses
Every idea counts

These principles are used by our founding team in everything we do. These also extend into how our platform and community operate.

Built by and for the people who change lives through the power of mentoring.  RapidMatter is a platform that connects and empowers people by systematized the proven methods that enable better productivity, better goal setting, and amplified feedback through self-driven and mentor-driven activities.


Founded and operated as a people-first platform and community.

Productivity Boosting

Set and achieve your goals and milestones with easy-to-use, proven systems.

Mentoring and Coaching

Connecting people for coaching and mentoring with industry leaders and peers.

Rapid Results

RapidMatter ensures you get the results you want, faster.

Designed for Learning

You learn. We learn.  RapidMatter continuously evolves by feedback and Machine Learning.

Built with Passion

Created by a team who cares about people getting results.