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At RapidMatter we create platforms which change the way people connect, and create.  Our technology is build on a unified framework which brings your together requirements from every part of people, technology, and business together to ensure the best outcomes for you and your teams.

Through constantly Improving artificial intelligence, RapidMatter is harnessing human intelligence and creating the most effective and resilient designs and innovating how people learn and create.

We are turning grey matter into RapidMatter.


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About the RapidMatter App

Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”?  Well, we have proven through empirical data that you are what you read.  The My Bookshelf app is designed to share your reading habits and favorite titles with the community plus learn what others like you are reading that should be on your bookshelf!

My Bookshelf is part of the AI-powered platform behind RapidMatter which is used to help match community members with mentors, architects, developers, and more.  Most importantly, it’s a powerful way to expand your knowledge and learn not just what successful people are reading, but why.

Years of research and active work in the mentoring community have led our founding team to discoveries on algorithmic approaches to increasing the success of mentoring and the mentoring relationship.  RapidMatter MentorConnect is the culmination of years of anecdotal and empirical evidence which allows for more effective ways to connect and enhance the mentoring process.